Hello Community!

We have added seed liquidity to two dexes pancake swap and bakery swap

Listing price dfine $0.04 Circulating supply 46,000 Max supply 200,000

listing price Dgovn $1 Circulating supply 500 Max supply 5000


Pancakeswap pairs




Bakery swap pairs




You may use these tools to track the assets

Dgovn: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x8d269a0955bb5f3802763ab22d49f0a9f706e14f
Dfine: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xb5ada178cedd3725d0b08050b8e0d86830a47f19

We will update the website when we are done. Also the staking dapp will be launched when we finish all the testing. Listing on coinGecko and other metrics site will commence.

keep supporting Dalecoin Finance as we bring more exciting update to you.

We are glad to inform you that we have finished disbursing Dfine token to all eligible snapshot address holding dfine on ethereum. And those that filled the form for PoS swap last year.


If there is any other address eligible within this frame work. We shall reinburse. We will timelock…

There are crypto-collectibles tokens in the ecosystem with varying mining powers allocated to each category.

There are 10 different category

1. Surprise NFT: There is only one of these that will ever exist. The mining power allocated to this is more than any other class of NFTs it also comes…

The project started with 2 iterations. First as an Erc20 token and second as a POS/POW coin which was short-lived because of existing realities and the trend in the crypto sphere.
Hence the need for a rebrand with a new name and tickers. DFINE DGOVn & D-NFTs.

We are pleased to invite you all to participate in Dalecoin Finance bounty, we are looking for excellent content creators and social media users that can help us promote Dfine brand. …

Hello Dalecoin Community!

It is with a sad and a happy heart we bring to you this announcement.
It is sad because we may not be able to continue with the Dalecoin project because of some existing realities.
First among all is the conflicting price between Dalecoin ERC20 and Dalecoin PoW/PoS. This…

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