Dalecoin Finance Launches Bounty for Everyone In Defi Space, Get In Now!

YouTube Video Bounty

You will get NFT as a reward. Your video should show your knowledge of Dalecoin finance projects. Make an original video and talk about the futures of DFINE, NFT, and DGOVn. You can use other relevant tags but it must include #DalecoinFinance, #Defi #DFINE #NFT #DGOVn, and other relevant tags.

Article Creation Bounty

You will be rewarded with our NFT (Non-fungible Token) for writing quality, and non-plagiarised articles about Dalecoin finance. The information that you need is on our website, read it all but never attempt to do copying and pasting in your article. There are 37 slots for this bounty, kindly pay attention to the following criteria to claim a slot.

Social Media Campaign

There are 37 slots available for this campaign, and getting a slot means that you are entitled to an NFT that will mine more tokens for you. NFT belongs to you when you earn it, you can list it for sale or use it for mining.

Website, Youtube, Telegram Group, Telegram Channel, Facebook, Github, and Discord.



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Dalecoin Finance

Dalecoin Finance


Decentralized Finance through distributed ledger is the most powerful leverage in the world.