There are crypto-collectibles tokens in the ecosystem with varying mining powers allocated to each category.

There are 10 different category

1. Surprise NFT: There is only one of these that will ever exist. The mining power allocated to this is more than any other class of NFTs it also comes with some other surprises that will be known only to the person that acquires it.

2. Emperors Treasure NFT: About 20 is available to be claimed with 40X mining powers allocated to it.

This is Surprise NFT


1. The NFTs are unique collectible synonymous only to the Dalecoin Finance ecosystem. It will be tradeable like any other NFTs.

2. The NFTs will be used to farm the Governance token (DGOVn)

3. Holders of these NFTs will also have the capacity to Farm the Dfine utility tokens.


It is available in Dfine Opensea storefront


It is simple

  1. On the storefront click on the item you want

2. On the sales page you will notice that 5000 tokens are available for sale at 0.0019 ETH per gold coin. But because you need only 10 tokens out of the 5000 you simply skip the buy button and click MAKE OFFER

3. On the make an offer page, type in the amount of item you want to buy and the price you are offering to buy per token. Convert your ethers to wrapped ethers if you don’t have WETH, because the bid-offer is quoted in wrapped ethers (WETH). Once you have sufficient WETH click confirm the offer.

4. When the seller of the NFT checks the offer is alright with it. The transaction will be finalized. You will receive the 10 gold coins NFT and the seller will receive the Wrapped ETH.


First, go to your account page, then select the ‘Referrals’ tab. If you haven’t signed up for an account yet, fill in the fields and click ‘Save.’ Sign the message to confirm the information, then click ‘Join Now’ to join the affiliate program. Then, find a listing to refer.

Once you’ve selected a listing that you believe you can find a buyer for, navigate to its page and click the bounty bar at the bottom of the listing’s price detail section. Then, click ‘Copy’ to access your referral link. Pro tip: you can also turn any asset link into a referral link by manually appending ?ref=YOUR_ADDRESS_HERE.

Now that you've got your referral link, you're ready to start sharing it on Discord, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Just be sure to maintain good etiquette; rules about referral links still apply to NFTs!

When a buyer enters OpenSea through your referral link, OpenSea will automatically pay out the appropriate percentage of the sale price of the next item the buyer purchases. Even if it's not the item you linked them to, you'll get a percentage of that sale price, determined by the seller's configuration. It'll be paid out in whatever token the item was listed in unless it was listed in WETH, and then you'll receive ETH. Depending on traffic levels, payouts sometimes take 15 minutes or so to process. But don't lose hope! Your bounty will arrive shortly.

However, you can only earn one referral from each address. The second time you refer a given user, you won't earn a bounty. So, if you refer 0x1, 0x2, and 0x3, you'll get three payments. But if you refer 0x1, 0x2, and then 0x2 again, you'll only get two payments.

Below are pictographs of the other classes of NFTs

Emperors Treasure NFT
Kings Treasure NFT
Only 60 tokens
Captains Treasure NFT
Governors Treasure NFT
Citizens Treasure NFT
Gold Coins NFT

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Decentralized Finance through distributed ledger is the most powerful leverage in the world.

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Dalecoin Finance

Decentralized Finance through distributed ledger is the most powerful leverage in the world.