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2 min readDec 4, 2020


Hello Dalecoin Community!

It is with a sad and a happy heart we bring to you this announcement.
It is sad because we may not be able to continue with the Dalecoin project because of some existing realities.
First among all is the conflicting price between Dalecoin ERC20 and Dalecoin PoW/PoS. This has caused a big issue in other to get the accurate price of DALC. We tried to initiate a swap from DALC ERC20 to DALC PoW/PoS which is the 2nd iteration of the Dalecoin project. We tried to approach Yobit to see if we could at least get a swap on their platform or at the very least pause trading. Unfortunately, all efforts to reach them failed.

Secondly, the existing realities and growth in the blockchain industry and the direction the most project is going. Some old-techs has gradually been abandoned for new and fresher ideas. As a result of these challenges, we decided to pause the original Dalecoin project and rebrand.

Now, the good news is because we believe in the technology and see its potential we have decided not to totally abandon the project but to rebrand and have a fresh start into a DEFI project.

The fresh start entails the following:
1. A new name and ticker for the project
2. A new website
3. A new way to get more folks involved and possibly bring in more value

DEFI is the trend, a lot of old projects are switching to it, and our project needs to adapt.

What to Expect

We will launch a new website with a new name and ticker focused on DECENTRALIZED FINANCE (DEFI) as many call it and then use that as a launchpad to continue our use cases. Details about this will be published on the website in the coming days or weeks.

What happens to holders of Dalecoin ERC20 and Dalecoin pow/pow.
No worries on the new website there will be a way for both coins to swap their coins to the new token. Do you want to swap your old tokens for new ones right now? Start Now.

Dalecoin ERC20 (10:1)
Dalecoin PoW/PoS (1:1)

So make sure you keep your coins.
You may notice that website is having little content, then it means we are gradually migrating to the rebranded DEFI project.
The new DEFI project will consist of 3 tokens. A utility token is known as Dfine, a governance token is known as DGOVn, and NFTs.

Stay tuned!

For more information, visit our social media handles and website.

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