Our Community Asked and We Made It Happen on the Binance Chain

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2 min readMay 5, 2021

We are glad to inform you that we have finished disbursing Dfine token to all eligible snapshot address holding dfine on ethereum. And those that filled the form for PoS swap last year.


If there is any other address eligible within this frame work. We shall reinburse. We will timelock 10,000 dfine for a month to settle any. After that time, the funds will be sent to staking pools or used for partnership colaboration.

Any other claims may or may not be settled by issuing an IOU.

So far we have disbursed over 26,000 dfine tokens to addresses. 10,000 dfine tokens will be timelocked for 1 month to settle any legitimate claims if there is. 7,000 dfine will be used to provide seed liquidity and 3000 dfine will be for the team. The 153,000 remaining funds wil be locked into farming contracts.

500 Dgovn token will be reserved for initial seed liquidity provision and for the team. While 4500 of the remaining will be used to set up farms for the community to claim.

We shall begin some form of marketing with the limited funds we have and grow the project from there.

Stay tuned for announcement of dex listing and development of our staking platform.

Thank you!



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